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The Men of Charlie’s program began in December 1985 with the idea of printing a calendar.  Originally, each man was chosen by audience applause.  In 1987, Charlie’s of Phoenix, added the contest, and the program was changed to a community supported fund raising event.  In 1993, with the opening of Charlie’s Chicago, the tradition was continued and still holds true with the newest bar in Las Vegas. 

Each location is continues to be committed to raising money for non-profit organizations within their community.  They do this through the man of the month contest held each month and donating their time to organizations such as rodeo and pride. 

We welcome any man over the age of 21 to come and run for the next Man of Charlie’s.  This tradition now holds over 250 members in the 4 locations and has given over $750,000 back to the community.  This would not be possible without all of your support!   


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